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wE-rEthink llc Is A Fast Moving, Growing Company.  Here Is Just A Sampling Of Our Current Projects.

top stories

  • thE rEstaurant managEr
    Now Includes Free Direct-To-Cell Marketing!
    thE rEstaurant managEr customers now enjoy the benefits of direct-to-cell phone marketing and customer feedback.  By placing tent cards on tables, restaurants can encourage customers to leave feedback and subscribe to exclusive cell-phone only specials.
  • rEthink(Ers)
    Now Available From lulu.com
    You can now get your copy of our innovative hardcover book, rEthink(Ers) from wrtl publishing direct from lulu.com.

Press Releases

  • thE rEstaurant managEr is now in beta testing!
  • wE-rEthink llc announces new website.
  • wE-rEthink llc offers significant performance gains at this restaurant.
  • cvB for all now includes live performance venues.