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wE-rEthink Offers A Variety Of Services To Help You Determine How To Improve Your Bottom Line. 

rEthinking (businEss procEss implEmEntation)

Let us evaluate your business processes and help you save.  Our Consultation services include detailed fact gathering about your business model and current processes.  We then deconstruct your processes and determine where you can re-implement and save!
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E markEting sErvices

Let us help you take advantage of the E-marketing boom.  Our design/technologists can help you maximize your profits by focusing on website/Ecommerce design, customer communication and retention, and data mining analysis.  If you need specialized software, we can provide that to take advantage of your existing assets.
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tEchnology audit and rEsearch

Are you maximizing the return on investment of your existing technology?  Are there lapses in communication?  Does it seem that it takes longer to get things done than it should?  Let us examine your existing technology resources and come up with new ways to utilize them and save you money!
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applcation modErnization

Is your custom software more than a few years old?  Let us breathe new life into the old app by modernizing.  With today's latest development tools, your old app can be moved from a dedicated desktop or server based app into a truly distributed application, helping you mobilize and offering you new opportunities in data-mining and consolidation.
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