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thE rEstaurant managEr

As a restaurant owner/manager, you have many challenges.

Customer loyalty and retention, improving the per seat/per ticket revenue, employee efficiency, maximizing inventory productivity; these are just a few of the challenges and processes that thE rEstaurant managEr tackles head-on.

thE rEstaurant managEr works with your existing investment. You don't need additional hardware to take advantage of most features.

No staff retraining. The majority of your staff will need no additional training to take advantage of the new features. thE rEstaurant mangEr works with your existing POS software.

An extra pair of eyes. Do you sometimes feel that you are out there in the world alone? As a thE rEstaurant managEr user, you can schedule a monthly meeting with one of our restaurant support specialists to go over your data, and make suggestions to ways to increase your bottom line.

What Can thE rEstaurant managEr Do?

Save Money By Controlling Inventory Costs.
Find out your best sellers in real time. (no reports to run)
Find out your most expensive items in real time. (no reports to run)
Keep track of price creep automatically.
Contact competing vendors with a single click to obtain price quotes.
Know what your guests are thinking.
Let them text you regarding their satisfaction.
Know immediately if a guest is unhappy.
Contact your guests for free to drive them into your restaurant.
Guests subscribe to you on their cell phone.
You text them about special events and sales and they come into your restaurant.
Upsell Upsell Upsell
You or your staff is messaged in real time regarding what is ordered at a table and chef upsell recommendations. Simply greet them, tell them what they ordered, and then suggest the upsell.
You make a direct personal connection with your guests.
Contact Waiting Guests Via CellPhone
Your guests are paged via cellphone when their table is ready.
No additional equipment is needed.
You can use the cellphone information to build a direct marketing campaign.

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